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Okay! I believe I've gotten the hang of Oekaki Shi-Painter! ^^ Congratulations to me! Anyways, here's some basic information about me.

Age: 19
Favorite anime: Yu Yu Hakush, Bleach, Black Cat, Vampire Princess Miyu, Yakitate!! Japan
Hobbies: Drawing (duh), writing, singing. ^.~
Dislikes: garlic, ginger, and plenty of other things.
Wishlist: lots of anime and manga. ^_^
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thumbnail pretty! kinda reminds me of my moonlight piece. ^^
Mar 14, 2006
thumbnail It's pretty cool. Proportioning of the hair and face is a little off though. I love the eyes and the...
Feb 28, 2006
thumbnail This one's rather pretty. ^^
Dec 10, 2005
thumbnail Teehee! ^^ Not bad.. Can use some shading.. O_o; and.. he has no mouth? O_O
Dec 10, 2005
thumbnail Oh! It's Gaara-san! I love that guy. I can't believe he became Kazekage before Naruto became Hokage ...
May 18, 2005
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