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Realname: Jia Flynn

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Jia (verb): “to be extremely prone to bouts of manic distractability; see also (phrase), “Hey look! A chicken!” also see; juggling fool (noun)

Usage: “To Jia around the room takes a great amount of energy.”

-Also; (adjective) cheerful, but peculiar, friendly; eccentric, slightly neurotic, but in an entirely harmless kind of way. Loyal to a fault, painfully and sometimes obliviously honest, goofy.

Usage: “She’s rather jia, but I believe you’ll find her to be quite harmless.”

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A Florida native and a journeyman musician, nineteen year old Jia spends a startling amount of time indoors. Having a natural aversion to sunlight and water makes living in the tropic south interesting, to say the least. The irony of this is, that as an amateur radio operator (call KI4REC), Jia is only outside in Florida when the weather is at its worst - read, chasing hurricanes - doing volunteer work as a storm spotter for ARES.

When she’s not out raising havoc with her kin and kindred in the sprawling metropolis of Fort Walton Beach, the Jia can sometimes be spotted behind a variety of woodwind instruments, but she prefers the oboe. Currently, she's taking some time off to let her body heal up from 13 years of abuse - six hours a day of practicing, every day, seems to have finally caught up with her.

More often then not though, Jia prefers quiet, and peaceful company. This one can be spotted curled up in a quiet corner with her beloved, Eric, playing Pokemon Pearl on her Nintendo DS and plotting the destruction of the known world through the use of excessive knitting.

Jia is mostly harmless when taken in moderation. Please ask your doctor if Jia is right for you. Side affects include randomly bursting into song, abrupt and impetuous silliness, wordplay in inappropriate situations and near compulsive knitting. If you begin to experience extreme cravings for strange Asian candy, develop an obsession with shiny things, or begin to lose your ability to drive properly, please see your doctor. This may be a sign of a more serious condition.

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