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Public Boards/Beginner 
Haruki and Zeal (Sep 1, 2007)
6 comments – latest 4:
Zeal (Sep 2, 2007)
Zeal (Sep 2, 2007)
drawn in 6 min
SoraItachi (Sep 2, 2007)
Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his power level!?
...LAWLS. Omnom. XD This is very cute.
Fiesta (Sep 14, 2007)
Oh my gosh.. I love that video... cute picture... C:
drawn in 23 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
Zeal and R3nji (Oct 14, 2006)
1 comment – latest 4:
Zeal (Oct 14, 2006)
drawn in 28 min
Lol,Hair + Base colors XB
Zeal (Oct 15, 2006)
drawn in 29 min
got lazy D:

Only worked about 5 mins ;_;, MSN is fun XD
Zeal (Oct 20, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 32 min
Thought I lost it when firefox decided to be tarded X:
Zeal (edited Nov 10, 2006)
drawn in 36 min
Touched up the skin,Only took a few mins,But I was busy talking to someone on msn XD
drawn in 3 hours 36 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
wk, senshi, Punky, ~Wolf~, Deformed, and more... (Feb 23, 2007)
draw a CD cover from one of your favorite bands...
38 comments – latest 4:
DIEzombieDIE (May 23, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 10 min
Miyavi - Miyavizm

[not really quite happy with the way it came out XP I wanted to do MYV*POPS but too much detail. I made myv all fugly XP]
deathking (May 26, 2007)
Can I join, I have this grateful dead cd cover that I wanna do.
Pakasutemanshikuka (May 26, 2007)
If there's any space left? :D

I like the idea of this!
Zeal (Jun 22, 2007)
drawn in 23 min
Nil- The gazette

Mine sucks.
drawn in 4 hours 41 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Deformed, Sweetcell, xswirvex, Kayos, wk, and more... (Dec 17, 2006)
Hark! The third installment of Bits 'N Pieces! The same rules and stuff apply as last time, so come on people! Join the fun!
27 comments – latest 4:
a_blue_orange (Jan 13, 2007)
eeeewwwww, in a good way ^_^
Deformed (Jan 22, 2007)
I dunno...Will someone else please give this a shot?
Sweetcell (Jan 24, 2007)
Bumping this to see who else will add to it. Come one peoples, it's fun.
Deformed (Mar 11, 2007)
I guess nobody is gonna give this a try, so i'm setting itas finished...
drawn in 2 hours 39 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
NewTails, DrsFan, zell381, Moopachoo, Zeal, and more... (Jan 7, 2006)
I highly think that no one will join but I hope they do....
12 comments – latest 4:
Zeal (Feb 17, 2006)
Can I do tah Background?
Zeal (Feb 20, 2006)
drawn in 6 min
Fixed some minor errors and the color..
NewTails (Feb 27, 2006)
Sure, u can do the bAckground
Zeal (edited Sep 27, 2006)
I will start when Zell finishes his dragon XD

drawn in 3 hours 30 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
NOVEMBER93, DoOp, Natsuna, Zeal, Sasuke-fan-Sapphire, and more... (Apr 14, 2006)
anyone who would like to join just tell can draw anything you want as long as it is rated 'everyone' .....don't let this collab be so dull!
40 comments – latest 4:
NOVEMBER93 (May 21, 2006)
there are only 2 computers that i can work on so don't if you feel bad don't (even though i really don't think you do) that's ok though, i don't mind....i just wanna get it finished soon
Wild_Mustang_Girl312 (May 22, 2006)
Can I add a pony head?
NOVEMBER93 (edited Jun 5, 2006)
there isn't enough room brittany..can't you tell?...sorry everybody, i have to make this finished because we are unable to work on it now..sorry...looks good though ^^
YouLovePoop (Jun 13, 2006)
One of these things are not like the other...
drawn in 2 hours 49 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
Violette and Zeal (Apr 14, 2006)
Well, it's about an assasin girl who slips through the city with the cloak of darkness. She has long, black hair, pale peach skin, and glowing yellow eyes. Mind you, I'm not a very talented colorer. -.-; So I'm asking please, if someone would mind coloring her? Thank you!
7 comments – latest 4:
Zeal (May 22, 2006)
I was gonna finish it when My java started working again.. >_>
Violette (May 22, 2006)
Maybe ... maybe you could ... add texture?
Violette (Jun 4, 2006)
drawn in 11 min
colls (Jun 25, 2006)
Looks like this woman DOES REALLY love lace. XD
I like her eyes, give her a sense of mysteriousness.
drawn in 1 hour 44 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
nekodesu, SanzoGirl, Buu-dai, Zeal, Jessor, and more... (Jan 10, 2006)
I thought it would be pretty cool if we had a hair collab....woot
33 comments – latest 4:
colls (Jul 4, 2006)
Omgosh, It's so... so.. Illuminating XD lol I like the light blur ponytail on the right. Sexxy. XP
Asriel (Jul 6, 2006)
GOOD WORK ALL! heh. i like my orange and red hair...
JasonNGT (Aug 7, 2006)
POOR CHILD!!! XD That's cool, hi Rainbow!! lol
friend (Aug 7, 2006)
Smexy lexy.
drawn in 4 hours 22 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
xiau, Zeal, SanzoGirl, Rudeezy, and Ani-MangaCreator (Apr 12, 2006)
A collab where you can draw in your original characters from the game "Balloon Duel." It'd be cool if you could make the characters interact.

Leave a comment or send a memo if you want to join. <--- Play Balloon Duel here
21 comments – latest 4:
Akechi456 (edited Apr 15, 2006)
o_o Anyways,this is coming along great~

Edit:Never mind,it was a balloon string.^^;;
hi1022 (Apr 22, 2006)
Ha, so cute!
Zeal (May 7, 2006)
drawn in 28 min
I dislike this Applet.. That Is All
xiau (May 11, 2006)
drawn in 1 min
Fixed some layer problems.
drawn in 3 hours 3 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
DoOp and Zeal (Mar 28, 2006)
She's got weird boobies =0 and yehhh

for Zeal to colour ^^;
4 comments – latest 4:
DoOp (Mar 28, 2006)
=0 okies, you jsut gatta start up a canvas xD and add me, I ran out of my 5 canvas of the unfinished :).... *sobs* * so pitiful*
Zeal (Mar 28, 2006)
drawn in 55 min
Don't worry.. It will end up better :/ Coloring the lips killed me.. :3 Thankyou Doopy-chan XD
Zeal (Mar 29, 2006)
drawn in 39 min
Did some stuff on the hair.. But take off about ehh 5 mins for talking with someone on MSN XD
Zeal (Apr 5, 2006)
drawn in 29 min
Lazy Background.. XD I'm listening to Gekiai Merry-go-Round XD Blame it.. XD And the jacket..ehh..Possibly from Ed.. XD
drawn in 2 hours 25 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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