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The Insanely Talented 10-Year Old Artist...
Gigandas (Jan 10, 2005)
Okay, so I'm sure as some of you already know, there is this insanely talented 10-year old girl who's shown up on some TV shows, as I have seen, but I was talking to Wasil on AIM and she gave me a link to her gallery.So anyway, if anyone is interested in checking out her work, here it is........(Caution:You may want to quit drawing entirely after seeing this.....just a warning)
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Xodiak (Jan 6, 2005)
This is how my wife in real life looks like. >:)
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IkariIreuL (Jan 23, 2005)
The fat and the skin r so cooL !
She only uses bra in one breast :P~
Gemmy619 (Apr 18, 2005)
whoa! is your wife the one in the cellar in the evil dead? lol
15grifficorntears (Jun 1, 2005)
This makes my eyes bleed.
whitebunny1063 (Aug 11, 2005)
When are you two going on honeymoon?
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drawn in 1 hour with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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squee (Jan 2, 2005)
We need to start another week. Any suggestions?
Angry Face.
marcello (edited Jan 18, 2005)
Ok. I'm posting a new rule. People who don't make an effort to type, spell, and write properly will start getting their comments deleted. Same goes for image descriptions. What does this mean? It means actually writing out words in complete, such as "you" and "too." It means learning the difference between "your" and "you're." It means not sounding like a complete moron. Thank you.
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what other hobbies do you have?
spiritdweller (Nov 5, 2004) these are a couple of mine... hehe*bad hair day*... that's my baby behind me... we go back over 20 years... I also make jewelry, those l'il ruby earrings I'm wearing, I made... I also sculpt, write and sing :) and I'm also bored today
Go Vote!
marcello (Nov 2, 2004)
It's vital!
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Wats your culture??
squee (Aug 11, 2004)
wat i mean is like, My family is from.. yadayada. Half my family is from France, (dad's side) THe other, is from Nova Scotia. (mom's side) Spill, where is your family from??
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EverDream (Aug 20, 2004)
Working with a new technique, referanced for the bg only. ;D
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oikitsumaru (Oct 17, 2004)
I'm so impressed by all the highlights.. and the detail.. and oh gaw its Vincent!!! *falls over and dies* O________O tis so nice!
vamp (Dec 10, 2004)
that looks like me hahaha keep up the good work
DivineStar (Sep 30, 2005)
Oh looks so real and.....the metal parts is so awesome-looking! *____*
SooRa (Feb 15, 2008)
OOhhh NICE! Vincent was always such a hottie in FFVII XD
drawn in 4 hours 21 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Gigandas (Jun 25, 2004)
An innocent cat...

-Yeah, forgot to mention it, but this one's for FM.... :)
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Zappo (Sep 29, 2019)
Hey, a familiar face! IM BACK
davincipoppalag (Oct 20, 2019)
Hey!! Glad to hear it
WolverineAlpha (9 days ago)
That I didn't do it face.
I love this so much!!!! <<<<<33333333
drawn in 19 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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squee (Aug 9, 2004)
There's too much lack of support here at 2draw!! That's why I'm fucking gonna leave until I get some damn support!!! I CANT DRAW LIKE THIS?? I FUCKING DRAW THE BEST I CAN, BUT NO SUPPORT!! I SAY FUCK IT! i'M LEAVING UNTIL I GET SUPPORT!
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