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Date of Birth: January 1st, 1989 (35)
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"Life's my concert, so I'd better give 'em a good show!" -Sam "Vinsung" 2004

So yeah. I'm only marginally into art, but on a computer I can really have more fun than with a pencil. Pencil's leave indented mistakes and smudges... I hate them. But this is fun! ^.^

I'm now 20, still in the USMC, and far less... Bouncy?.. Air-headed?.. Something to that effect... I'm working with several different "art" mediums to include Flash (the Adobe expensive kind), Maya 3, and Photoshop.

I'm not really looking to make a career of these things, however, they will be -part- of my career, so I figured I should make some headway before I end up without any kind of graphic ability and no artists to hire when I go to fulfill my dreams of running my very own MMORPG.
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thumbnail I see you had a hayday with the blend brush... Quite an interesting concept, but it needs a bit more...
Nov 14, 2006
thumbnail That's interesting. I like it. I was just looking through the board and this caught me and I went "S...
Nov 11, 2006
thumbnail Wow! That's really impressive! And it's cute! Fwee! Shupah job. ^_^
Oct 29, 2006
thumbnail Schweh... Maple Roxx! Hahaha we are 1337.
Oct 29, 2006
thumbnail She's freakin awesome! But she needs a smile. ^.^ Wait... it is a she, right? o.o
Oct 3, 2006
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