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Date of Birth: July 10th, 1987 (35)
Gender: Female
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I <3 Metal. Death - Black - Prog - Power - Doom - Viking - Gore - Grind - Melodic - Goth - Industrial - Hardcore... Sinister. Nightwish. Amaran. Epica. Nocturnal Rites. Rhapsody. Sonata Arctica. Asrai. Lullacry. Finntroll. Children of Bodom. Deathstars. VNV Nation. Skinny Puppy. Nocturne. Opeth. Tristania. The Sins of Thy Beloved. Katatonia. Satyricon. Malignancy. Carcass. Arch Enemy (OLD). Sworn Enemy. Vision of Disorder. Type O Negative. Just a few of many... I'm a vocalist. Death/ Black and clean as well. [^_^]
thumbnail hah, i want a husband that looks just like that... so sexy yes indeed. haha, very nice though...I li...
Sep 11, 2004
thumbnail Lookin lovely darlin.... I think this is my new favorite image...yep.
Sep 11, 2004
thumbnail Ave Satanas!! \m/ nicely done.
Sep 11, 2004
thumbnail wow, amazing work... I like it alot. Looks just like Jasemine too [^_^]
Sep 11, 2004
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