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Quack! Quack I say!
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thumbnail So pretty! I love the colors used!

And.. and... nooo! *hits Xod's tablet* Work! Work!
Aug 29, 2002
thumbnail I know how to do that. That's not the problem. The blue lines that I used as my base were merged wit...
Aug 29, 2002
thumbnail Chii! Yay for Chii!

*suddenly remembers the scanning she has to do for a friend's Chobits site* O...
Aug 29, 2002
thumbnail Biiiiig smile! ^____^

Yes, I like your style, too!
Aug 28, 2002
thumbnail Very very good! Nice sharp lines! ^_^

I'm a DBZ junkie... and though DBZ is a stupid, violent, r...
Aug 26, 2002
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