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Realname: deus ex machina

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I am very jealous of Astro Boy's hair.

Scary Stuff
27 replies
Rudeezy (Feb 17, 2007)
This thing I hate is when I'm looking outside a window at night, and when I move even a little I not...
I was wondering...
39 replies
Cordelia_Pink (Sep 3, 2006)
(((((dave)))))) (((((gigandas))))) I came back here and forgot to give you guys that! lol
My New Hair
56 replies
vigilante (Oct 3, 2005)
tim burton thingy ma bober
15 replies
Punky (Mar 10, 2005)
oh crapperton, squee drewthat already... -_-; maybe oogie boogie i guess?
Death by Pennies
18 replies
Pence (Feb 14, 2005)
hmm the story, was a bit dissapointing. But it was amusing for the time I spent reading it and a few...
THen granola bars of cheese
24 replies
Kilala (Feb 9, 2005)
I'm only good at making deserts like cake and fudge. And Ramen Noodles! :D