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Just discovered this site trying to download jTablet for my cheap Bamboo (blaah) only to find out that my OSX Tiger isn't updated enough to accept it (like most things, it would seem).
Oh well though.
Let's see...

I've been a "true" artist for maybe five years (probably less), despite that I've been drawing for most of my life. I only just got more serious and tried to broaden my horizons from *cough* wolves and other canines within the last two years, and I'm so happy for that. Though I'm still not that great with traditional work (I need a lot of practice), I'm decent with digital (though not near as good as I wish I could be).
I hope to become an animator or character designer for Dreamworks, though I first must get to college (hopefully, Art Institutes of Nashville) and receive much more experience.

Aside from that, I hope to gain more experience through art sites like this and keep on the path of good artistry.

Some things about me not art-related:
My favorite color is navy/dark blue, I am a realist, I am asexual, I have no religion (though I believe in God/Jesus), I am caucasian (as if that matters), and I am a non-stereotypical female. I can be both serious and funny and will be nice and respectful to those who show it, otherwise, I'll likely be a bitch. I am very literate in the English language (learning Spanish, attempting at Japanese, hope for Chinese, German, French, among others) and really can't stand "txt tlk" in the least.

That should be enough to know for now. Any more should just be asked of me~
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thumbnail Marvelous work with the shading and atmosphere.
Jul 16, 2010
thumbnail How beautiful! I really like the composition and scenery; it's very well done for a quick job :3
Jul 4, 2010
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