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Bobstained (Aug 19, 2010)
15 comments – latest 4:
cyclops (Sep 5, 2010)
do I really need to tell you how awesome you are?
Roytje (Sep 5, 2010)
Flubbles (Sep 5, 2010)
Thanks, I dont think I'm that awesome compared to some people. But I strive to do better.
Black_Bird (Oct 4, 2010)
This just feels so lively to me, with movement and depth. You are great! Truly great!
drawn in 4 hours 38 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Roytje (Aug 3, 2010)
15 comments – latest 4:
Miss_DJ (Aug 19, 2010)
my son had a headache like that yesterday. ouch. perfect work as always, Roy.
shults (Aug 19, 2010)
That's what happens when you love with your head?

There are few lines that disturb me, but disturbance is the desired effect here.. anyways, it looks like a combination of angst and rage to me.
Suntan (Aug 19, 2010)
yeah! tell um', Roytje :)
Alter.Native (Aug 23, 2010)
Cool and lovable and migrainous.
drawn in 53 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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elly (Jul 30, 2010)
I've never seen those Twilight or new moon type shows/movies so I don't even know this guy, Robert Pattinson, but, I woke him up a bit compared to the A request drawing...
18 comments – latest 4:
montezmaria (Aug 4, 2010)
Interesting coloring with very nice features. I love the color used.
Teapot (Aug 4, 2010)
Your colours give it a dream-like quality. Saw the movie, read the book. Not my cup o' tea, but your drawing is lovely. I like what you did with the eyes especially.
JediKittehz (Aug 4, 2010)
I am a twilight fan, however not much of a rob pattenson fan. Though you do make him look less...blocky. I like your rendition of him much better :3
elly (Aug 4, 2010)
Well thank you kindly, y'all! Did you see version 6 and the 'glowing neck'?? Bet you didn't know he's part Hulk!!
drawn in 10 hours 16 min with Chibipaint
Specialty Boards/Contest! 
jekyll (Aug 3, 2010)
15 comments – latest 4:
elly (Aug 13, 2010)
Congradulations Jekyll! Very well done!!!!!
Teapot (Aug 13, 2010)
Suntan (Aug 14, 2010)
feels like I could pick it up and take a drag. Kool 2nd! ;p
shell (Aug 19, 2010)
make it soon :)
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drawn in 33 min with Lascaux Sketch
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Flubbles and Roytje (May 10, 2010)
26 comments – latest 4:
kupocoffee (Aug 4, 2010)
Oooo Sparkly! I can't stop looking at it. The landscape looks wonderful.
Roytje (Aug 4, 2010)
Great work on the twinkle, Flubbles.
montezmaria (Aug 4, 2010)
Gorgeous trees with a wonderful looking landscape.
dorothyblueeyes (Apr 28, 2017)
OH WOW-- you even like landscapes, and you're good at them.I am just a scribbler, but in my state, we often are fond of trees.--this is beautiful.
drawn in 6 hours 25 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
sassy109 (Aug 3, 2010)
10 comments – latest 4:
firecracker (Aug 3, 2010)
I LUV spooky draws.....this is really cool....I like!! :)
Yanelyalamode (edited Oct 15, 2010)
This is incredibly impressive.
sassy109 (Aug 4, 2010)
thank you guys :)
Marla (Aug 4, 2010)
drawn in 1 hour 38 min with Chibipaint
padmooks (Aug 2, 2010)
8 comments – latest 4:
Marla (Aug 3, 2010)
love her scared expression..i don't see it like a mustache ..just like inability to talk..and maybe therefor the scared,never mind :) nice draw
Black_Bird (Aug 3, 2010)
I get the odd feeling a lot of these drawings you do reflect you and current thoughts at the time.

I don't even know you, but, I see this as someone gagged and a small suggestion of blood in bottom left corner of lip.
kupocoffee (Aug 3, 2010)
I love the eyes here. The painted look really attracted me. Great work.
padmooks (Aug 3, 2010)
thanks all. yeah..i suppose they are how im feeling.
drawn in 51 min with Lascaux Sketch
Specialty Boards/Contest! 
Marla (Aug 2, 2010)
9 comments – latest 4:
padmooks (Aug 2, 2010)
Disregard our comments.
Marla (Aug 3, 2010)
the guy in the draw isn't sober, so i maybe titled it wrong,hmm..."sober" like this is better :)
Miss_DJ (Aug 4, 2010)
padmooks I'm really proud of you! nice draw, too..but sober doesn't mean somber.
padmooks (Aug 7, 2010)
Miss DJ is right. Im a fucking loony shit. Im so happy.
drawn in 1 hour 31 min with Chibipaint
alicedemone (Aug 2, 2010)
Seriously how hard is it to put down the seat? bad habits children bad habits
17 comments – latest 4:
Bubblicious (Aug 2, 2010)
I wish I was twelve. T.T I'm actually sixteen, so bugger off flubbles.
Marla (Aug 3, 2010)
I don't have a problem with putting the seat down for myself...because I would be more pissed if I had to wipe someones pee all the time from it...I'm satisfied with the effort men use just to lift it up
pawillie (Aug 3, 2010)
I don't mind putting the seat down either, it's just the rare time he forgets during the night and I don't want to turn the light on to check each time which would wake him up so I take a chance
alicedemone (Aug 3, 2010)
I am having more issues with my daughter not putting it down for herself and falling in than for my personal use. She is only three and doesn't understand it.
drawn in 46 min with Chibipaint
Public Boards/Intermediate 
sassy109 (Jul 30, 2010)
6 comments – latest 4:
Marla (Aug 2, 2010)
oh,my....two nights ago one of these creatures flew into my room..and i chased him around trying to scare him outside..and ....he scared me and i fell on glass table.. broke the table and my was around midnight..i couldn't believe what happened..damn dragonfly
ZugZwang (Aug 2, 2010)
conclusion: when u see ze ur ass!
sassy109 (Aug 2, 2010)
lol yikes
Wraith (Aug 3, 2010)
That is the prettiest dragonfly I ever seen. Good job!
drawn in 3 hours 42 min with Chibipaint
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