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I LOVE Yaoi and Shounen ai, so really all im ever going to draw are bishounen *¬*. My current fandoms are FMA, DMC and RO. My fave couples are Havoc x Roy, Roy x Ed, Scar x Ed, Havoc x Ed, Dante x Virgil, and Priest x Blacksmith.

Also i like to try a lot of diffrent things with my pictures, styles etc So yeah...XD expect weirdness. I love guro -flail- which is blood and gutssss! So maybe there will be a few guro drawings from me too (sorry to gross anyone out but meh =P) My favorite thing to draw is just is..XD -pervert-
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May 1, 2006
thumbnail So so so soooo pretty!! I love the colors and the solids look wonderful~!
Apr 25, 2006
thumbnail Bottom middle is suppose to be virgils name, though in earlier comments we have already concluded th...
Apr 25, 2006
thumbnail YaaaY! RO! <3~
Apr 24, 2006
thumbnail Solids shading yay! sora looks waaaaay happy! =D!
Apr 24, 2006
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