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Estecca, Creature201, LisaAnne, DieChan, impolsion, and more... (Nov 11, 2005)
You guys get to fill in those windows! Make it whatever you want, but I want variety. I don't want all anime, I don't want all macabre. SPREAD IT OUT. See something someone already did that's a lot like what you plan to add, either change the idea or put it in a window on the other side of the building. Make it awesome, loves! :)
58 comments – latest 4:
Estecca (Jan 8, 2006)
I like yours!
Estecca (Jan 16, 2006)
drawn in 12 min
MellonCollie (Jan 16, 2006)
I see you finished up the windows, deary? Good job, I like that guy you did there. Hot.
LisaAnne (Jan 17, 2006)
Its finally done! Its real nice to see all the variety.
drawn in 6 hours 25 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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KH44N and LisaAnne (Aug 24, 2005)
Its Homer. Hope you guys like it.
4 comments – latest 4:
LisaAnne (Aug 24, 2005)
drawn in 22 min lots of IMs...distractions, sorry for how long it took. Also I couldn't figure out how to get it to go behind/under homer...I was gonna add a kind of blue color as well, but figured I didn't want to mess stuff up more. If you want to, you can delete it ...if not hope you like it.
vigilante (Aug 30, 2005)
hheeh, this is interesting also.. and cute. i have to say i loove the hair. X''D
JK-Arts (Sep 28, 2005)
If you know any thing about the simpsons then you know you totally missed one very very important part of homers face and that is his ear and the hair above his ear. The hair looks like a M and the ear soposed to always on the right side of his face looks like a G always.
and together they are the initials of Matt Groen the creator of the simpsons.
LisaAnne (Sep 28, 2005)
oh my gosh you're right...I didn't even notice...I just did the doughnut. But thanks for the comments.
drawn in 1 hour 25 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic