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Frostbearaaa (Mar 10, 2023)
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susu (Mar 10, 2023)
pixel art!
LazyFish (Mar 11, 2023)
Very tiny.
RUSSIANFOXX (edited Apr 2, 2023)
smol boi
drawn in 13 min with Kleki
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LazyFish (Mar 11, 2023)
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susu (Mar 11, 2023)
your back!
LazyFish (edited Mar 11, 2023)
I didnt go any where lol. Line art is rather sloppy with my xp pen to be a setting somewhere. Gona be a while before I work on this again. I'm prety bussy. Wasted alot of time messing with some background ideas...
Curently kind of obsessed with the new Trigun Stampede at the moment so I'll probly be drawing alot more Vash than anything else right now....sorry about that.
LazyFish (Mar 15, 2023)
drawn in 2 hours 57 min
Next ill work on the background but it may take me a while to get to it.
LazyFish (Mar 22, 2023)
drawn in 52 min
another version
drawn in 10 hours 41 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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susu (Feb 26, 2023)
One of the last frames of Cowboy Bepop's intro, better known as THE BEST ANIME EVAH
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LazyFish (edited Feb 26, 2023)
Waiting for this one!
drawn in 1 hour 1 min with Kleki
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susu (edited Feb 24, 2023)
Hello 2draw! As most of us are aware, Dave is going through some troubling times. It's difficult for him to go online, and check us out here on 2draw. I was thinking, maybe we could draw him a card? I know I always appreciate a card in the mail, and I'm sure he would as well. i'm not sure where he lives, so I'll have to work out those details later. I'm also not sure what we should put on the card. Maybe something he likes, or would like to see? Maybe even just something stupid/funny to cheer hi...
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Characters left to right:
Anya Forger-Susu
Yor/Thorn Princess-BelleN
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RUSSIANFOXX (Apr 2, 2023)
smegsie loid
susu (May 23, 2023)
oh gosh I need to redo anya and give her justice
RUSSIANFOXX (Aug 26, 2023)
bros eyes cant even decide what time zone there in.
dingaling (Aug 27, 2023)
lol you're funny :)
drawn in 13 hours with Kleki
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yellow.nutella (Aug 9, 2022)
I don't think you want to know where or what this represents.
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yellow.nutella (Oct 1, 2022)
drawn in 16 min
I'm going to take my sweet sweet time on this. Taking it slow.
yellow.nutella (Feb 9, 2023)
drawn in 35 min
No more, please.
LazyFish (Feb 26, 2023)
This looks great! I like how the shading came out on this.
drawn in 5 hours 12 min with Kleki
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susu (Feb 15, 2023)
I've dreamed of this train 3 times now. It asks me to get in, and takes me on this trippy adventure. cool.
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susu (Feb 16, 2023)
drawn in 17 min
added some minor details... looks like a crazy train...
susu (Feb 17, 2023)
drawn in 14 min
LazyFish (Feb 26, 2023)
this is so weird I love it!
susu (Feb 27, 2023)
Thank you Lazy_fish/jen & luv2!
drawn in 2 hours 14 min with Kleki
Rosemary (Feb 10, 2023)
Just playing
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luv2 (Feb 14, 2023)
Nice draw, and I love those colors.
Kloxboy (Feb 14, 2023)
Pretty face. The presentation and her expression suggests she's someone important, like a priestess or from nobility or a goddess. Nice work.
yellow.nutella (Feb 14, 2023)
Wow, she's so pretty! You did everything I couldn't in half the time ( ´ ▽ ` )
How did you add color after doing the whole thing in grayscale?
LazyFish (edited Feb 26, 2023)
Beautiful!. I ike the soft colors & the primary use of brown here. I haven't tried this drawing program yet but I am going to give it a look.
drawn in 2 hours 59 min with Kleki
LazyFish (Feb 24, 2023)
Been way too long since I drew something on here or at all in general. I'm quite out of practice. Took me a few min to recall all of the functions for this program. Drawn with my old 2003 waicom graphire tablet. I have been wanting to pick drawing back up again and finally had some time this weekend. I'm really enjoying the new Trigun Stampede so I decided to draw something.
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susu (Feb 24, 2023)
Woah. This is great. Reminds me of Vash the stampede
LazyFish (Feb 24, 2023)
Lol thats good because it is Vash from the new series. I have a lot left to do on this. At least it's recognizable so far.
luv2 (Feb 26, 2023)
Nice draw, I like your use of color, and you seem to do well considering problems. I think I only tried that applet once.
Did you have a different username then?
LazyFish (edited Feb 26, 2023)
Yea it was a long time ago. I lost my password and dont have the same email anymore. Was under The_Chosen. I actualy havent drawn any thing in ages. I have a new ex pen but I actualynever used it yet...this was done with my old waicom graphite its ancient but works.
drawn in 11 hours 43 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
luv2 (Feb 11, 2023)
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LazyFish (Feb 24, 2023)
Nice color choices very pretty betta.
luv2 (Feb 26, 2023)
Thanks LazyFish
drawn in 3 hours 50 min with Chicken Paint