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"To be or not to be, that is not the question."
-I forgot who said this quote and I don't know what it means or if that's how it actually goes
*ahem* Umm... Hi.... o.o *stares*... Umm... What's your name? Eh? What was that? YOUR THE KING OF ENGLAND?!?! Omigod! I'm, like such a big fan of yours >o<! *phsyche* Yeah I'm bored... I didn't catch your name either, so I'll call you Kotarou, whether you're a girl or not ^_^. Hey, don't blame me, blame that person over there!!! *points* *runs away when you weren't looking*
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thumbnail Omigod! Gir! :DDD *huggie*
I love how smooth teh lines are :D Nice coloring, too.
Aug 7, 2005
thumbnail I love that song <333
Although it's a sad kinda picture it's still very... cute, so to say ^_^;;
Aug 7, 2005
thumbnail Each time I see this i think of the Noodle from the Gorillaz :D
Aug 7, 2005
thumbnail Oh really o.o;? *looks at chobits book*Whoops.......

Jun 21, 2005
thumbnail I love your painting-like-anime type drawings <:D
I esspecially love the hair on this one <3
Jun 11, 2005
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