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Bubblicious and vlad.the.hamster (Jul 31, 2010)
I'm fixing to go to bed, but I wanted to put this up for Vladdy because she's leaving soon. Do whatever you want with it, change it, add to it, I don't care. I'll work with it, lol.
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Bubblicious (Aug 5, 2010)
Hey no worries! We can work on it when you get back. I'll do a bit, but I wont finish it completely so you can still work on it.

And my mom plays bejeweled too xD
vlad.the.hamster (Sep 17, 2010)
you alive, mate?
Bubblicious (Sep 18, 2010)
Yeah. Just been busy, and my muses have left me for the moment. I'm fixing to work on it soon though. More than 12 minutes this time, too haha.
Bubblicious (Sep 18, 2010)
drawn in 19 min
Hope I didn't screw anything up. Man I cannot draw anymore, its been so blah... sorry about that, vladdie.
drawn in 1 hour 9 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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elly (Jul 30, 2010)
I've never seen those Twilight or new moon type shows/movies so I don't even know this guy, Robert Pattinson, but, I woke him up a bit compared to the A request drawing...
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montezmaria (Aug 4, 2010)
Interesting coloring with very nice features. I love the color used.
Teapot (Aug 4, 2010)
Your colours give it a dream-like quality. Saw the movie, read the book. Not my cup o' tea, but your drawing is lovely. I like what you did with the eyes especially.
JediKittehz (Aug 4, 2010)
I am a twilight fan, however not much of a rob pattenson fan. Though you do make him look less...blocky. I like your rendition of him much better :3
elly (Aug 4, 2010)
Well thank you kindly, y'all! Did you see version 6 and the 'glowing neck'?? Bet you didn't know he's part Hulk!!
drawn in 10 hours 16 min with Chicken Paint