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marcello (May 15, 2002)
My aching hand!
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Xodiak (edited May 16, 2002)
very great picture! good job Marcello! >:)
UddinHel2 (edited Sep 1, 2002)
Goood job.Beautiful
rosalyn (edited Sep 21, 2002)
Ameraq (edited Apr 25, 2003)
HoRsEy!!!! *huggles horse*
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marcello (May 7, 2002)
Dunno, drawn with mouse while watching tv...
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Podunkian (edited May 7, 2002)
Honestly, I don't know either :P
Halffish (edited May 7, 2002)
o_0 hehe cool lightning effect
Maiko (edited Jul 23, 2002)
(translation: how the heck do you do the lightning?!?!?)
drawn in 1 hour with OekakiBBS
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Halffish (May 7, 2002)
<No Comment>

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Halffish (edited May 7, 2002)
Err... maybe this should have been on practice boards. Oh well.
marcello (edited May 7, 2002)
sweeet! :)
monkey_says (Sep 13, 2005)
hehehehe..... I've found you. XD

and even with a mouse, I hate you because you're so darned talented.
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Poll! New Features?
marcello (edited May 17, 2002)
This is just a simple poll, as I'm curious what people would most like to see next on the site: 1) Search feature - search users, entries, and comments 2) Member-to-Member messaging - the ability to send private messages to other members on 2draw 3) asciiBBS - a simple ascii art drawing feature 4) New skins - currently there are only 2, would you like to see more? 5) e-cards - create your own e-cards to send to you...
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Halffish (Apr 7, 2002)
hehehehe but it messed up
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Halffish (edited Apr 7, 2002)
actually, i forgot it recores the brush movements, not just when you let go the mouse :/
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