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Estecca (Nov 2, 2005)
Happy Halloween, my dearies! Yes, it's late, I've had this rotten drawing block and this was the best I could do even now. ;-; It's not finished. Because. It's a piece of crap. That needs serious work. And I wasn't paying attention and put it on Intermediate Board and it won't let me switch it to Beginners. Only higher skill levels, which isn't helpful. But anyways, the next picture I do I think I'm gonna be brave and use a reference. I've never used a reference picture before, so it should be intense. ;D
drawn in 28 min with PaintBBS
Estecca (Oct 18, 2005)
Had to get off. I'll shade it later.
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woah_pockster (Oct 18, 2005)
awesome job xD this totally owns xD
Estecca (Oct 18, 2005)
Thanks! XD <333
Gigge (Oct 18, 2005) the bandaid on the chin. Love the whole picture.
JK-Arts (Nov 3, 2005)
yea i like this one, Good draw.
drawn in 1 hour 9 min with PaintBBS
Estecca (Oct 18, 2005)
My first time using any computer drawing program other then the simple stuff like Paint BBS or MS Paint. :O I'm pretty horrible so far and layers just boggle the poop outta me, but I want to get better. It's real fun. :)
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Breakdown (Oct 18, 2005)
You have such an eclectic gallery :)!
Wonderful drawing, the pumpkin is well done!
Estecca (Oct 18, 2005)
Thank you! <3

Yeah, I don't really have a set style. That would be too boring. XD I just do whatever I feel like. :)
drawn in 36 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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