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DuquedeBlangis (Dec 13, 2010)
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DuquedeBlangis (May 11, 2011)
drawn in 32 min
DuquedeBlangis (May 18, 2011)
drawn in 56 min
DuquedeBlangis (May 20, 2011)
drawn in 1 hour 32 min
DuquedeBlangis (Jun 3, 2011)
drawn in 1 hour 25 min
drawn in 11 hours 30 min with Lascaux Sketch
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padmooks and Flubbles (Jun 17, 2010)
so it begins
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padmooks (Aug 16, 2010)
nobuddy1997 (Dec 23, 2010)
why put a dick on a girl?
padmooks (Dec 25, 2010)
why waste them on men
dorothyblueeyes (Dec 26, 2010)
I had a roommate, for a while, (just platonic) who was a "transexual," and this reminds me of that. I referred to "him" as "her",and "she" dressed as a woman all the time. But, "she" had a straight female girlfriend. (And she fooled around with men--other transexuals. ) I was very liberal minded at the time. But, it was confusing. "She" wore nylons, and had nice legs. But you had to realize, it was really a guy. (She wouldn't pay for the utilities, and the other roommate and I got on her case for that,and she finally left.) The landlord (who was a real schmuck anyhow) got annoyed, when I referred to "her" as a "she" and refused to go along with the charade. "IT'S A GUY!"

But I talked to "her" other transexual friends, when they came over; they liked straight women. Talk about a confused bunch;nice enough guys, but they even said, they got confused. They regularly dressed in drag, in bars,and straight men thought they were women, and approached them; when they realized it was a guy, the "she" told me, they did not care,and went ahead and propositioned them anyway. However, when hostiley confronted in a bar, the one said, when "she" was dressed all up as a fairy, the fairy got very angry, threw a hissy fit, and got into a fight with the guy. "She" had a photograph of the whole thing, the dressed up fairy, throwing a huge angry fit,and getting into that fight. Very interesting.

Yeah, put a dress and heels, ect., on the above photo,and you might get confused too. Very good painting, yes, there must be some way to make the "extreme" pix unavailable to the kids who come here. So, guys, there are really people who look similar to this, or close. Not kidding. I've seen them.
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drawn in 4 hours 40 min with Lascaux Sketch
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ChalkDust (Aug 18, 2009)
A thousand thanks for the showcase! <3
Thank you all!
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dorothyblueeyes (Nov 23, 2009)
fashion and clothing industry is one of the hardest ones,I would stick to doing this.Great picture,maybe you do story boards,for movies,tv?get all the set details exact,like this?cause you got all the detail,ect.Beautiful.(guy dumped her,huh?)
DuquedeBlangis (Jun 6, 2010)
muy lindo
backmagicwoman (Mar 24, 2011)
I came back to this because I really love it,
davincipoppalag (Jan 4, 2019)
Its back
drawn in 16 hours with Lascaux Sketch
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Moosh (Jun 5, 2010)
8 comments – latest 4:
Suntan (Jun 6, 2010)
just great! :)
shults (edited Jun 6, 2010)
How awesome one must be to call this a doodle.
Teapot (Jun 6, 2010)
Excellent. He looks so dissipated and world weary. I really love how you drew the clavicle and shoulders.
Wraith (Jul 10, 2010)
One of the best looking doodles I have seen in a while. :D
drawn in 24 min with Lascaux Sketch
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Teapot (Jun 4, 2010)
Shhhh! Don't frighten it! Where's the camera?
6 comments – latest 4:
Miss_DJ (Jun 4, 2010)
It's the most feminine piece of woodart I've ever seen. Just lovely!
Teapot (Jun 5, 2010)
Moosh's little dancing guy got me started. Bit of silliness.
Moosh (edited Jun 5, 2010)
TheCrimsonKing (Jun 5, 2010)
I can't stop laughing
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drawn in 26 min with Chibipaint
DuquedeBlangis (May 31, 2010)
40 comments – latest 4:
Axil62 (Jun 10, 2010)
HA HA!! "Menards"
"Hey, you ever seen Menards?" lol
backmagicwoman (Jun 10, 2010)
No!..but I'd like to.lolol..hysterical..
Miss_DJ (edited Jun 11, 2010)
Their jingle is, "Save more money at Menards!"
Nekoampy (Jul 11, 2010)
Cool colors
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drawn in 12 hours with Lascaux Sketch
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axxido (May 20, 2010)
4 comments – latest 4:
DuquedeBlangis (May 20, 2010)
LOL. is amazing
axxido (May 20, 2010)
thanks, I hope to finalize soon
Christ (May 20, 2010)
i wouldnt call it advanced, but its pretty cool
axxido (May 20, 2010)
At this stage of the project you're right .. Thanks for your comment
drawn in 2 hours 2 min with Chibipaint
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