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Bubblicious, SPfan-96, Daetsni, SamiJ1000, Frd, and more... (Jun 18, 2009)
All right fellow Anime fans! Let's fill this entire page up with our fave Anime characters, in Chibi form! If you want to join, just ask, and I'll add you~!

If you guys need me to unlock the image, tell me, cuz I wont know i you don't tell me. o.o
54 comments – latest 4:
Bubblicious (Jun 25, 2009)
That's cute!! :)
CookieMonster (Jul 8, 2009)
oh mah goodness......can i draw taiga from toradora plzzzz???? :3
Bubblicious (Jul 8, 2009)
You have been added :)
Bubblicious (Jul 10, 2009)
Haha, that's cute Cookie :)
drawn in 6 hours 23 min with Chicken Paint