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Knockoff (Sep 6, 2004)
Squidward = l33t

(used ref)
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Alicia (Oct 14, 2004)
In Spong brain's words, " Would you be my neighbor?" la la lah! My favorite character is squidward because he is sarcastic and grumpy. ( Be true to theyself.)
Zack (Oct 14, 2004)
This is truly awesome, KO. Rock rock on!
Heartsdomain (Aug 10, 2005)
KH44N (edited Aug 10, 2005)
This looks so real! Good Job!
drawn in 5 hours 23 min with PaintBBS
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anti-christ (Jun 10, 2004)
pfffff. What ever Jesus loves us more.

i drew this because of some stupid christians that went down to the mall on "a mission to find jesus"
so my friend told them that they werent going to find him there. HAH.
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mx (Jun 10, 2004)
Yes He does:-)
Alicia (Jun 11, 2004)
I John 3:16a Hereby perceive we the love of God,because he laid down his life for us:
mx (edited Jul 20, 2004)
In the end, "every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord."
Many people will realise it when it is too late...but for those that do now, there is hope.
go well:)
drawn in 51 min with Lascaux Sketch
foxman8245 (Apr 28, 2004)
Thought I would do a Spiderman. Couldn't get his dam eyes right and he seems a little out of proportion..(hands) Oh well, thats why it's on the beg. board =-P
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gloworm043 (Apr 30, 2004)
Hey Kev.....this is really good..did you show Kaden? Good draw!
foxman8245 (May 6, 2004)
Kaden flipped out when he saw this !! LOL "pidah-man"!!!!
Alicia (May 16, 2004)
If Spidy can't do it , No super hero can.:) ali2
joox (Nov 25, 2007)
if spidy cant than no one can.
drawn in 1 hour 9 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
foxman8245 (Apr 9, 2004)
Ok, I know it's a slam on guys, but come on... it IS funny. ( and I gained a few brownie points with the wife for this drawing ) hee-hee
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Wez (Apr 13, 2004)
lol i really like this pic its funny
Alicia (May 16, 2004)
On second thought, make me keep my complaining to myself . I'm sooo...glad to be where the Lord wants me. Wether it's on the Key board or cooking in the kitchen. Please God don't ever listen to me when I get stupid.ali2
joox (Nov 25, 2007)
love it by the way thanks for my party
Trazor (Dec 26, 2007)
drawn in 59 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Alicia (May 14, 2004)
My heart lay at the cayon's edge, the rumbleing water luls me , the warmth of the sun keeps me satisfied ,for I shall never leave this peaceful place . God has made it's peace my joyful habitation.This is a paradise in my mind , yet it is so very real! The scents of leaves blow in the gentle breeze. I can take you there , but for a second,To return after a day of toil,Let the Holy Spirit guide you in heartfelt prayer.
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DarkFact (May 14, 2004)
Nicely done, but a little small =/. Is cayon's edge in the bible?
Alicia (May 14, 2004)
No Just an abstract image in my mind.:) The peace is real though.:)
emmamommalag (May 14, 2004)
Lovely picture and very peaceful looking.
drawn in 17 min with Lascaux Sketch
DMV (May 14, 2004)
worthy of the beginner board:)
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Alicia (May 14, 2004)
Much , Much more for you Dmv, ali2
Supergurl103 (May 14, 2004)
wow, DMV, u did it again :) thats nice ;)
emmamommalag (May 14, 2004)
Wow, DMV.. you are so good at these.
davincipoppalag (May 15, 2004)
There's a band who knows how to use their head! lol
drawn in 51 min with Lascaux Sketch
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supermimi (Mar 13, 2004)
To be deleted...
7 comments – latest 4:
marcello (Mar 23, 2004)
supermimi: just undo the delete =P
supermimi (Mar 27, 2004)
Er... can you just delete the whole thing and forget about it?
supermimi (May 22, 2004)
drawn in 16 min
Calling all admins and mods...Just DELETE!!!
supermimi (May 24, 2004)
drawn in 7 min
Please delete
drawn in 4 hours 5 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 13, 2004)
View of water droplets from underneath the surface
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Luniki (Jun 18, 2010)
aaw that one's cool, would like to see an animation of this :D
dorothyblueeyes (Jun 24, 2010)
yah, bee-oo-ti-ful.
Wraith (Jan 15, 2012)
Deadly Blonde Archer needs to come back!
davincipoppalag (May 1, 2019)
She does
drawn in 5 hours 46 min with Lascaux Sketch
laurael (Feb 25, 2004)
just a simple pic...
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laurael (Feb 26, 2004)
Uh...I can't...limit is up. I didn't want to run out before I got the dragonflies in. But thanks anyway for lookin'.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 26, 2004)
I love this color combination. I have these colors in my bedroom. :) May I hang this above my dresser? lol It's beautiful.
starmarked (Feb 27, 2004)
oOO i know exactly what flower this is, there are some in my back yard. it looks exactly like the real thing!
Alicia (Mar 14, 2004)
I love the colors and the details put into both the dragon fly's wings.:)
drawn in 4 hours 38 min with Lascaux Sketch
laurael (Mar 14, 2004)
6 comments – latest 4:
laurael (Mar 14, 2004) know all kinds of animals being the hunter you are...tsk...tsk...tsk...(I know, you don't hunt iguanas)
Alicia (Mar 14, 2004)
Wow such a cool Iggy. I have a gaint Iguana stuffed animal. It always hogs 1/3 of my bed.:)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 14, 2004)
lol, no, but I think I held one in Puerto Vallarta once. Prolly my friend Jose Cuervo was with me then, too, so I cannot really remember, and I was only wearing a sombrero, yes I do believe I held one once. lolol
davincipoppalag (Mar 14, 2004) least he TOLD DBA that was an Iguana...... Laureal this is great I love the colors did a great job making his green stand out in the green of the grass... I like this alot
drawn in 3 hours with Lascaux Sketch
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