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WolverineAlpha3 (10 hours 5 min ago)
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WolverineAlpha (9 hours 53 min ago)
Its ok, for your drawing skills. (He's also my brother so I can say that.)
drawn in 27 min with Kleki
WolverineAlpha2 (10 hours 11 min ago)
Do any of you hate yellow toenails? -Extra Question- Hey guys how do you draw so good I need suggestions on what I need to do more realistic drawing.
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WolverineAlpha (9 hours 55 min ago)
You could touch up the nail, the outlining, add more depth to detail, and remember some very important things:
Make sure lines are neat and touched up. Add shading/highlights. Blend different shades together, such as having two yellows, or multiple blended tans.
drawn in 7 min with Kleki
WolverineAlpha2 (10 hours 27 min ago)
I am very aware that the word "Carot" in this picture is spelled wrong I meant to do do that
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WolverineAlpha (10 hours 1 min ago)
Lol this is the ultimate meme drawing.
drawn in 13 min with Kleki
WolverineAlpha3 (13 hours ago)
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WolverineAlpha (13 hours ago)
Its a bit shaky but understandable.
Oh yeah! Welcome to the pack little bro.
drawn in 25 min with Kleki
WolverineAlpha2 (13 hours ago)
This is meant to be a meme not an intermediate picture
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WolverineAlpha (13 hours ago)
Not sure many people here are LOTR fans.
WolverineAlpha2 (13 hours ago)
well I just made this randomly I just want to draw now stop pressuring me
drawn in 9 min with Kleki
WolverineAlpha2 (13 hours ago)
I know the words aren't to good but I feel good about this I think this is my best picture so far!!
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WolverineAlpha (edited 13 hours ago)
You could add shading, and if you want neat writing there's a text tool. Other than that I like the background.
WolverineAlpha2 (13 hours ago)
okay I'll try the text tool if I can find it
WolverineAlpha2 (edited 13 hours ago)
drawn in 8 min
okay I think this might be done, and the background is more accurate to real among us
drawn in 17 min with Kleki
WolverineAlpha (2 days 16 hours ago)
If only I could change it to Intermediate.
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WolverineAlpha (edited 11 hours 1 min ago)
drawn in 4 hours 34 min
Finally done with shading and now for the background.
WolverineAlpha2 (edited 10 hours 41 min ago)
WOW -echo- WOW WOW WOW WOW -all echos-
WolverineAlpha (edited 9 hours 52 min ago)
Um...Thanks? I think it's okay compared to some other peoples drawings.
yellow.nutella (6 hours 42 min ago)
You should put yourself down. You are making progress and you should be happy for that. You got this, don’t give up! (I’m sorry, I don’t know how to give pep talks...) ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
drawn in 5 hours 49 min with Kleki
yellow.nutella (1 day 9 hours ago)
Guess who!! Oh, and if anyone wants to color or help with lineart, I would really appreciate your help. It’s my first time drawing a machine.
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davincipoppalag (1 day 3 hours ago)
looks a good start
yellow.nutella (6 hours 45 min ago)
drawn in 25 min
I don’t want to anymore. Please help.
yellow.nutella (6 hours 32 min ago)
drawn in 5 min
Stay tuned in, “Can BelleN mess this picture even further?” We’ll be right back after a mental breakdown!
drawn in 48 min with Kleki
Specialty Boards/Contest! 
davincipoppalag (1 day 11 hours ago)
Crap TV night..
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yellow.nutella (1 day 11 hours ago)
The background looks like when I squish my eyes heehee
WolverineAlpha (21 hours ago)
I like the red its a good contrast
drawn in 23 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
WolverineAlpha2 (1 day 13 hours ago)
I know I'm not that good of an online drawer but I like it, in the comments tell me what drawing app you use on (the site your on) and also I ment to click beginner not collabarations
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yellow.nutella (1 day 11 hours ago)
I personally use Kleki for everything, very easy to work with in my opinion. I really like the vines as a border(:
WolverineAlpha (1 day 8 hours ago)
I use kleki too because its simple however i might have to try a few new ones...
WolverineAlpha2 (edited 14 hours ago)
I use kleki too but Lascaux Classic drawings I see are the best ones so I'll try it right now
davincipoppalag (13 hours ago)
TRy using it on Chrome
drawn in 6 min with Kleki
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