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The boards are divided by general skill level. Practice boards are meant for new users and for those who want to try out a new technique or applet. Intermediate boards are meant for those with some experience under their belt and feel like they want to take on a more serious drawing. Advanced boards are for those with good practice/experience and are willing to spend much more time on a single, larger piece.

You may notice that there are various limitations on each type of board. There IS a reason for this. Practice boards are meant for less time consuming pieces and are therefore limited in size. Advance boards are much larger in resolution to allow for some really grand work. Intermediate boards are somewhere inbetween to allow for some flexibility between the two. Please do not abuse these limits by practicing on some the larger boards!

Below is a more in depth breakdown of the drawing boards.

Beginner Board

"New to drawing and drawing online alike."
This board is for beginning artists and for those who are unfamiliar with the drawing applets, so this is the place to get some experience. Even though a time limit is not really imposed you are encouraged to spend time on a single piece rather than very little time on a large number of pieces (which may anger other users of the site). If you draw many small or short sketches, please do not submit them.

Intermediate Board

"Some experience with applets and are fairly skilled at drawing."
This is a board intended for more experienced users. The maximum canvas size is increased to give artists a bit more freedom and to let artists gain more experience with more advanced applet features. Longer drawings and therefore more sophisticated drawings are expected.

Advanced Board

"Good understanding of applets and complete understanding of drawing techniques."
This board is for advanced applet users and well seasoned artists. Canvas size is increased to allow artists to show off their badass-ness. The artist is expected to be able to use an applet to its full capacity to achieve some high quality pieces. High expectations are placed on these artists.

Expert Board

"Good understanding of applets and excellent drawing skills."
You’ll know when you deserve to be drawing here. This is for formally educated and industry artists who have more than enough practical experience in the field. They are gods. Ironically enough, there are no expert boards at the moment.

The boards aren't very strict, and a picture posted on the intermediate board that really should be on the practice board *may* be kept. However, if you post 4 or 5 in succession, chances are, they'll all be removed. Why not spend the time it took to draw all 5 on a single better drawing?

So, in summary, pictures that are posted on the appropriate board, and appear to have taken thought and honest effort will remain, even if they're not amazing. Pictures that even the artist themselves are probably not proud of, will be removed at the moderators' discretion.
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