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Here is a rough breakdown of the rating system on


A moderator-only rating that can't be hidden in preferences (for site announcements and whatnot)


G/PG rating, no violence, no nudity, no sexual content, etc. Allows a level of cartoon violence (something getting squashed by a hammer, for example), but no blood/wounds/etc.


PG-13 rating, minimum violence, minimum blood. No excessive spewing guts, no nudity or sexual content. Implied nudity/skin is allowed in this case, within reason.


Nudity, sexual content (not hardcore), guts/blood. But not super grotesque and offensive.


Hardcore sexual content, extreme violence, etc. Everything that doesn't fit in the lower ratings.


The age-related choices aren't necessarily intended to require a certain age, but symbolize common understanding of the content of something. In different countries, these ages vary, and so feel right to police ages and ratings.

This is a place of art. Everything posted here is from someone's mind, however beautiful or crude it may be.
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