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What exactly is It's a website designed and created by the team where anyone with (or has access to) a computer and internet connection can draw and submit using the provided Java Applets. Users can comment and critique drawings and communicate through the website.

The goal of is to create an artistic environment where people are not limited to the software they can afford, but the programs provided on the website. In short, anything that you find on was made with the same tools you can use.

This type of website is sometimes referred to as an "Oekaki" website, named after one of the first and only drawing applets available for such websites. Since Oekaki isn't the only applet provided by this website, we decided the term "Oekaki" wasn't fitting anymore.

Unlike other "Oekaki" websites, all the code for was written by the team for That means everything has been specially tuned for the best online experience. This is one site that wasn't made with a cookie cutter!

In addition to running the website, the team works on much of the research and development behind and other Oekaki websites.

One of the main projects of in conjunction with Cellosoft is the Sketch Studio project. In order to overcome the limitations of existing drawing applets, the Sketch Studio project focuses on developing new and innovative applets. The Lascaux Sketch drawing applet and JTablet windows plugin are two of the currently available projects. History was started by Marcello Bastéa-Forte back in Spring of 2002 originally as a challenge to create a new kind of drawing site. Existing sites just weren't as cool as they could be.

After the official launch of 2draw on April 6th of 2002, 2draw barely thrived, with very few people drawing, and submissions being far and few between.

Yet finally on January 1st of 2003, for unknown reasons, visits and users on 2draw on increased at an incredible rate for several months, resulting in many loyal users. As 2draw started to reach the limits of its original programming, it became apparent a new site was in order. All the ideas for improvements and changes were clumped together, and it was decided that v2.0 be completely built from scratch, again.

In May of 2003, Vincent Cheng (method3) became a part of the project to form the team, and v2.0 became a reality. His avid interest and unique perspective and contributions to v2.0's design and concepts allowed to eventually achieve the August 23rd, 2003 launch date. Team

Marcello Bastea-Forte
The founder and programmer of

Vincent Cheng
Developer and designer for v2.0.

Rodrigo Braz Monteiro
Tester and Quality Control user.
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