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This list was originally posted by mazi awhile back. The dead links have been trimmed through and more can be added here now.

Ok. Here's a post for tutorials. Everyones always looking for tutorials and I promise it wont hurt anyone to look over these. Please don't copy them, but use them for ideas.

how to draw portraits (link dead)

tutorials the tutorials i always post. with the good hair/fur/cloud/etc tutorials

online comic artist directory tons and tons of art sites with tons and tons of tutorials. go digging. (link dead)

the art corner tutorials (link dead)

drawing the portrait

anatomy - kickass anatomy site einz posted a while back (its down a lot but worth it..)

fredart.com thread - a giant thread on a forum with more tutorials than ive ever seen. (link dead)

page of generators generators for inspiration that ponpoko posted a while ago.

lackofsubstance tutorials - one there from Serena. who used to draw here now and then.

deviantart tutorials - a bunch of tutorials for everything under the sun. fill your boots.

neoterranean \"digital coloring\" - another "how to color" tutorial (link dead)

and finally some color theory.

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